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make the most of yourself

Your smile is happiness

Whiten your teeth easily at home

make the most of yourself

Your smile is happiness

Whiten your teeth easily at home


Tooth whitening made easy

With GlamWhite you can get professional results in the comfort of your home, easy and absolutely pain-free.

Our top seller is the Tooth Whitening Kit Elite, which gives you enough gel for a 6-day treatment and will make your teeth up to 7 shades whiter in just one session. Money-back guarantee! 

the ingredients

Our formula

The key whitening ingredient is sodium percarbonate, an eco-friendly chemical that together with the other advanced ingredients in our gel will whiten your teeth up to 7 shades. Results guaranteed!

Our gels are made in the USA with natural, kosher and vegan ingredients. Our formula is not only highly effective but also very gentle. Whiten your teeth without any pain or sensitivity!

natural ingredients





our store

Explore our tooth whitening products

FOAM Whitening Toothpaste

Revolutionary oxygenation system, cleans & whitens teeth. 

1x 50 mL Foam Toothpaste

Home Whitening Kit Elite

29,90€ - 49,99€

Our Best-Selling Kit 

1 x 10 mL syringe

1 x Set of custom fit mouth trays

1 x Mini LED light

1 x Cardboard shade guide

1 x Retainer case to store the mouth trays

Smartphone Kit


Fast, powerful and easy to use, with 2 Whitening Pens included.

1 x LED mouth tray light

1 x 3-way power cable (USB, iPhone & Android)

2 x 2 mL teeth whitening pens

1 x Cardboard shade guide

Home Whitening Kit Xpress Smile


Our top-of-the-range kit 

3 x 5 mL syringes

1 x One-size-fits-all mouth tray

1 x Powerful LED light

1 x Cardboard shade guide

Teeth Whitening Pen


Our pen is so compact and portable that you can take it everywhere.

1x 2 mL Teeth Whitening Pen

Gel refills


Ready for the next round? The refill kit allows up to 10 applications.

3 x 5mL syringes

1 x Reusable Zipper Bag

Pre-filled Whitening Trays


Syringes are messy? This is the perfect solution, pre-filled & ready to use.

10 x Pre-filled whitening trays

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Find the perfect whitening product combination for your teeth and save money!


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No Sensitivity

Fast Results

Made in USA

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